There are times when recruitment is seemingly 'easy', but on many occasions finding the right talent to meet organisational goals is inextricably difficult. Securing high calibre human capital, at any level, goes well beyond the arbitrary alignment of a position description and a resume

An understanding of corporate culture is absolutely essential and to add greater complexity, culture is often evolving. Therefore gaining an understanding of where culture is today and where it will be tomorrow becomes paramount.

Cor-po-rate cul-ture:

the 'norms' shared by employees in an organisation that control the way they interact with each other, with stakeholders and customers. It is made up of a company's vision and mission, organisational values, work environment, leadership style, organisational structure and the personal qualities of the workforce.

Gooding Human Capital partners with clients to gain an understanding of their business, vision, strategic objectives and corporate culture. This understanding enables Gooding Human Capital to act as an extension of the client, to present opportunities to potential candidates and articulate a value proposition which not only appeals to the potential cantidates own needs and requirements but effectively communicates the requirements (both explicit and implicit) of the client.

Gooding Human Capital has a multi-faceted approach to recruitment. Relying solely on advertising, databases or personal networks to source appropriate candidates is not enough in the 'war for talent'. Proactive 'go to market' strategies are employed on all assignments to ensure that the best candidate(s) (as opposed to the best available candidate(s)) are identified in line with client's needs.